Salary to SAP Consultants in India

Salary to SAP Consultants in India

Top Companies Paying Salary to SAP Consultants in India

Choosing a new module can surely help you get a hike in your salary. The average salary of a fresher varies from 3 to 4 lakhs per annum, but after gaining some experience, you can expect 7-10 lakhs on average

Well, the salary is not defined and varies from factor to factor, such as experience and types of projects you have handled. It also depends on what module you choose.

Depends. I have seen functional consultant with 4 yrs exp salary to be as low as 2.4 to 10 L/p.a

Case 1

If you are into a small vendor domestic company – your salary will range from 2.4 L/p.a to 6 L/p.a

Case 2

If you are in a service-based company like tcs, hcl, cognizant, then your salary will range from 4 to 7 L/p.a . This is expected with at least 1 switch.

Case 3

If you are into consulting companies like Delloite,Yash, and other big 4. Then your salary should range between 7 to 12 L/p.a. If you are passed out from an elite college. Then your salary may go up to 14 L/p.a. cracking these are interviews are tough compared to service-based companies.

Note – Even with cream modules like Sap Oil gas/Event management/ transport management and sap Ariba, you can’t make more than 12 L/p.m with 4 years’ experience.

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Most people should be in the second or third career level with 4 years of experience. In companies like Accenture, Infosys, TCS etc, this is either SE or SSE ( Software engineer or senior software engineer). At Intelligence, career levels start from 0 (freshers) and 1,2 and so on with added experience.
The salary is approximately anywhere between 6-9 lakhs per annum.
Additional factors such as certification, location, whether the employee has implementation project experience, changing companies (20% hike) and finally the performance of the employee matter in deciding the salary.

PS: negotiating skills during the interview also affect the salary.


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