Top 10 IT Companies in Bengaluru

Top 10 IT Companies in Bengaluru

The IT hub of India “Bangalore” is well known for the presence of top IT giants. Today, Bangalore is called as the Silicon Valley of India and leads 33% of Indian IT Exports. 

Bangalore is a home to big and small companies, dozens of industries and thousands of people who come from different parts of the country with different culture. In fact, Bangalore has become a house of the aeronautics, automotive components, biotechnology, electronics machine tools, space research, science research, defense science research and silk industry.

What exactly is the driving force of success stories in Bangalore? Is it the well maintained infrastructure, best HR practices, handsome salaries? Well, all of the above and many more factors have witnessed and played a key role in its success stories.

Let’s check out the 10 best companies to work for based in Bangalore, which have been placed in the top 100 best places to work by Great Places to work 2019.

  1.  SAP Labs India Private Ltd

‘Absence of sir-ma’am culture give special freedom and space to employees’

It is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations. SAP is headquartered in Walldorf, Baden Württemberg, Germany with regional offices in 180 countries.

Ever heard of “Breakfast with Bosses” concept, where the employees get to enjoy the first day of the meal prepared by the senior management and with the managers? SAP employees enjoy this interactive experience daily!

  1. Intuit Technology Services

‘I would love to retire with Intuit- Glassdoor Review’

Intuit India is a fully owned subsidiary of Intuit Inc. USA. Located in the southern city of Bangalore, the India office was started in April 2005. Intuit India is working on point-of-sale software for the Indian market and considering hosted versions of products in India, including online banking services for banks.

How many people get to see their CEO dancing like Michael Jackson? Yes, Brad Smith actually did the moonwalk when he visited the Bangalore office.

  1. Cisco Systems (India) Private Ltd

‘Everyone is a part of reward process at Cisco, not just the leaders’

Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San Jose, California. Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products.

Don’t be surprised if you often see Cisco employees touting their #WeareCisco experience on social media, especially on their birthdays. Birthday day offs are just another element of their cool work culture for high employee engagement and motivation.

  1. Adobe Systems India Private Ltd.

‘At Adobe we take wellness of the employees to heart’

People at this software company, which makes ubiquitous programs like Acrobat and Photoshop, say they proudly stand behind its bold vision to change the future of creativity.

In fact, Staffers praise the Adobe’s endlessly interesting work and its passion for the arts, which is also one of the reasons for the motivation of employees.

With the employee-centric framework, Adobe has already embedded a culture of trust, camaraderie, respect and pride among its employees.
Which employees would not rate their place to work high on employee engagement and employee happiness, when they have all the fun clubs like skiing, hiking within their workplace?

Check out all the benefits, awards and perks by Adobe here.

  1. EMC, India

‘Creating a caring and inspiring workplace with high employee engagement’

Dell EMC (until 2016, EMC Corporation) is an American multinational corporation headquartered in HopkintonMassachusetts, United States.[2] Dell EMC sells data storageinformation securityvirtualization, analytics, cloud computing and other products and services that enable organizations to store, manage, protect, and analyze data. 

EMC believes that a workplace which is a people’s place, is always counted among the best companies to work, by employees. With IT & ITES sector, contributing one-third to the list of best workplaces, EMC is known for creating a caring, inspiring and respectful environment. Its policies are based on professionalism, recognition, diversity and respect.

  1. Accenture Services Pvt Ltd

‘Work culture and work ethics- another name of Accenture”- Glassdoor review

Accenture Services Pvt Ltd was established in 1989 which is headquartered in Ireland, Dublin. It is a global consulting, professional and management service company and is included in the list of top IT companies in Bangalore. The company offers digital, consulting, strategy, operation and digital services. 

Accenture emphasizes on equality in the workplace and as per its research, that equality is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth.

  1. IBM India

“The acquisition is closed, but the future is open.”

IBM India is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company is providing consulting, computer hardware as well as IT services. It is basically involved in retail, telecommunication and banking sector. IBM India is also included in the list of top IT companies in India.

  1. Honeywell Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd

Honeywell Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd was established in the year 1906 and is headquartered in New Jersey, Morris Plains, United States. The company has been offering various commercial products as well as services related to engineering and aerospace services, the company also offers safety, security and energy solutions. The company has been included in the list of top software companies in the country as it is serving various sectors that include defense, aviation, chemicals, space, real estate, etc.

  1. Infosys Ltd

“Navigate your next.”

The company was established in the year 1981 by Nandan Nilekani and N.R. Narayana Murthy and is headquartered in Bangalore. Infosys is the best multinational corporation which is offering services related to information technology, outsourcing as well as business consulting.

Infosys embrace the talent revolution to remain relevant in the future and provides various learning opportunities to employees in order to develop talent for their digital future.

  1. Mphasis Ltd

“Don’t limit yourself, innovate with tech.”

The company was established in 2000 by Jeroen Tas and Jerry Rao. Mphasis Ltd is headquartered in Bangalore and is providing various services that include business consulting, IT as well as outsourcing services. Mphasis Ltd is offering application outsourcing, infrastructure as well as software management services. Now it is involved into logistic, telecom, technology and financial industry.

Mphasis applies next-generation technology to help enterprises transform businesses globally.

All these companies always are part of the Top 50 IT companies in Bangalore list.

Bangalore’s IT juggernaut doesn’t look like it is going to stop with many more new age companies making its foray into the garden city. Retail giants like Ikea and Target have outsourced their operations to Bangalore and operate large teams.

If you are looking for work opportunities in IT field, there is no bigger work field in India other than Bangalore.