Top 10 Software Companies in Udaipur

Top 10 Software Companies in Udaipur

Top 10 Software Companies in Udaipur 

Gone are the days when man used to work like a donkey to get his task done. This is the era of computers and each day, technology gets bigger and better than ever. It is quite a known fact that man’s brain works miraculously and so does his implementation of knowledge in the software field and industry. With this advanced knowledge in technology, there are a number of software companies blooming and blossoming across the world. Here is a list of the top ten software companies in Udaipur that is giving an immense contribution to the field of technology. Let’s quickly take a sneak peek!

1. Advaiya 

  • Website –
  • Location – Located in the IT Park of Transport Nagar at Udaipur, Advaiya ranks in the number one position of the top ten Software companies of Udaipur.
  • Service –  They mainly serve clients with services like project portfolio management, cloud technology adoption, business analytics,  productivity, and business automation and making a global presence. 

2. Cognus

  • Website –
  • Location  – Located in the Saheli Marg of Udaipur.  The other office is in the United Kingdom.
  • Service – The team of Cognus mainly deals in providing web development, online marketing, business planning, and research, and data entry and process outsourcing services. Chatnee, Wix Mark and Golf Tripz are some of their happy customers. This is the most recommended platform by millions of people.

3. Technetizens

  • Website –
  • Location – The office is in Ashok Nagar of Udaipur City.
  • Service – As the name portrays, the team has citizens of technology who give out the best service in the field of web development, app construction, e-commerce development, and digital marketing. If you are looking out to market your service online, take help from the Technetizens.

4. Kan Software 

  • Website –
  • Location – Kan located at the IT Park in Transport Nagar of Udaipur also comes in the top ten software companies in Udaipur list. 
  • Service – They are masters in website, software and app development and maintenance, and have worked in a hundred successful projects. Future Group, Videocon, IIFL and Listen Channel is their long term clients. They are effective and flexible and this makes them stand out of the crowd.

5. Aspire Techno Solutions 

  • Website –
  • Location – Located in Makwakheda Road, this is ranked in both the lists of best digital marketing companies as well as best software development companies in Udaipur. 
  • Services – Website development, software development, app developement, and digital marketing are some of the services that they provide. 

6. Baymediasoft 

  • Website –
  • Location – Baymediasoft or commonly called the BMS calls themselves an expert development team in Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur and are completely worth to be a part of the top ten software companies in Udaipur. 
  • Services – With designing websites and mobile apps being their major services, they have rendered their service to clients in all the major parts of the globe and have made life so much easy for a million out there.

7. IFW Web Studio 

  • Website –
  • Location – They are based at Shakti Nagar Road of Udaipur.
  • Services – They are ranked in the list of the best software companies in Udaipur, although these people are all-rounders in providing all sorts of internet services. The team is into digital marketing, website creation and designing, mobile app development, content writing, branding and what not! You will feel that their website is an all-service destination if you have a look at it. 

8. E Connect solutions 

  • Website –
  • Location – They are located in the IT Park, UTC Colony of Udaipur.
  • Services- The E-connect team has a list of professionals dealing with urban development, HR management, application development, document management, disaster recovery and most of the rare and useful service. This has got them into the top ten software companies in Udaipur listings. 

9. Yug Technologies 

  • Website –
  • Location – They are located in Subash Nagar of Udaipur city.
  • Services- The Yug Technologies is one step ahead of the regular service providers and is known for its innovative service. A few of the services that it provides include network management, corporate training, software development, outsourcing, and system integration. They cater to almost all the industries and provide on-time service.

10. 3 I Planet 

Website –

Location-Based in Chanakyapuri, this company also comes in the list of both top ten digital marketing agencies in Udaipur as well as top ten software companies in Udaipur.

Service – They are well known in the market and have also bagged the award for being the best in the field of web designing. They also cater to the software designing, and other needs of the clients and work on a long term relationship basis. 

Here ends the list of the top ten software companies in Udaipur. I hope that the information provided is of use and is knowledge gaining to you.