Top Digital marketing experts in Bangalore

Top Digital marketing experts in Bangalore

Top Digital marketing experts in Bangalore —-Title

Digital Marketing : My motivation and Inspiration
It’s been little over 6 months , I have arrived in Bangalore and joined in Digital Academy 360
as a digital marketing trainer. My day starts with digital marketing and ends with the same
subject … in between comes my students interfacing, workshops, presentation, question &
answer and non-stop training session to the aspiring lot of new generation who like to make
it in the world of digital marketing. Interfacing with the young intelligent group is never an
easy task but I do manage them with lot of patience and care. For which I require to stay
updated, motivated and inspired.
The Silicon valley of India – Bangalore .. is the IT city of India .. has produced entrepreneurs
and stalwarts like Mr Narayan Murthy , Mr Nandan Nilekani … and the list is endless both in
hardware , software and infra solution domain.
Digital marketing … which is my domain also has great personalities ( located in Bangalore).
And these practitioners /consultants are my constant source of inspiration.
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Presented below their profile ( whatever little I know about them) . I may have missed
about others as I am relatively new in the city . The digital marketing experts/ consultants
featured here in random and are not in order of merit.

.Lakshmipathy Bhat

A passionate blogger (Personal blog ranks among the Top 100 blogs
in the world) and a hands on person with a traditional advertising , Lakshmipathy is well
versed with all aspects of marketing communication and brand management.
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A man with perfect marketing blend & flair
Rich exposure in brand communication and his willingness to learn and move further, he
made his planned entry into lately evolved digital era making it a perfect blend with his
sound conventional marketing insight and todays digital transformation .
As it stands today that only an integrated communication approach (perfect blend of
conventional and digital) only can make a brand survive in new age competition and he has
the mastery on the subject.
A seasoned business and marketing professional with over 25 plus years’ experience, Mr
lakshmipathy Bhat , is currently working as VP marketing communications of Robosoft
Technologies, a leading mobility solutions partner.
A creative analyst with a flair for creative concepts, he is also Passionate about mobile apps
strategy and design. Crafted mobile app strategies and led pitches for app development as
an entrepreneur for a short stint in his career spanning over near about last 3 decades.  
Well versed with the marketing mix in India and subcontinent , he had served several blue
chip names like P&G, BAT, GSK, Sara Lee, Wipro Consumer Care & Lighting and ITC Foods to
name a few and lead the team from the front ,during his chequered marketing career.

Jainendra Singh

Jainendra Singh  is a certified Google Adwords trainer and had extensive knowledge and
skills on business strategic planning . He had helped lot of business enterprises in planning
and restructuring the business  across many verticals.
Passion for analytics and its application
His key strengths are analytics and it’s applications in real time and always stay customer
focused . And it has established him as an authority in the digital marketing world in
Bangalore. His love ,passion and culture inspired him to initiate his maiden venture called”
Digital Love”.
Digital love today providing a wide range of web and digital marketing services in addition to
online marketing training.  
Stay customer focused..
As a professional business analyst and his customer centered approach makes him always
engaged in the measuring ROI for each and every digital media activity which he undertakes
on behalf of the brand. In addition he also  focuses on  lead generation and content
distribution across the social media and book marking platforms to ensure that every $  is
well spent by the customer in any given digital marketing exercise and receive the assured
results and benefits.

Deepak Kanakraju

The short story
Coming from the city of Salem in Tamilnadu , Deepak was a student of civil engineering in
college and graduated in 2008. His initial intention was to join in his father who had been
running a small time construction business.
During the year 2008 , the recession set in at US and had a multiplier effect in the world
economy. As a result , Deepak also had a hard time to find a suitable job , perhaps destiny
had something else planned for him.
Entry to Digital world .. accident but destiny ?
Owing to unemployment and availability of spare time gave him the opportunity to learn
more on blogging and he tried his first blog in “ bloggers .com” and connecting it with an
“AdSense account” . That’s how the young civil engineer moved into the wonder world of “
Digital Media” .. sheer by accident .
As an young star , his passion was to drive motor bike and that’s how India’s first mobike
blog was born … “” and Deepak Kanakraju , walked into the digital world with
a great business idea.

10 years down the line , today ( at 2018), Deepak has established his credential as “ Digital
consultant and trainer”. He is the Co-founder @ and Blogger
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Deepak’s focus lies on Digital Inbound marketing tactics and strategies including (but not
limited to):
♦ SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
♦ Blogging & Content Marketing
♦ Email Marketing
♦ Social Media Marketing
♦ Integrated Digital Marketing
♦ Analytics, A/B Split Testing & Conversion rate optimization
♦ Web Usability Enhancement

More than a businessman , Deepak is a passionate blogger and knowledge sharing is his
mission for the aspiring new entrants . He offers “classroom course “ , “video course “ and “
email course” on blogging and other areas of “ Digital Marketing” . He conducts training,
seminar at universities, corporates on the subject and a favourite choice as speaker on
various forums. He also had published several articles, whitepaper on the web and received
lot of appreciation from audience and media as well.

Amit Dadhich

Born and brought up in the “ Pink City – Jaipur” , by background Amit is a mechanical
engineer but in quest for doing something more innovative and challenging , he gradually
got into the field of digital marketing both as a trainer and practitioner.
Today he has earned the credential of a successful consultant in digital arena in the IT city of
Bangalore , by his sheer determination and hard work.
Amit is a regular senior faculty member and trainer ( specialising in google adwords, social
media marketing , email marketing and affiliate marketing) in Digital Acadamy 360 in
Bangalore. He is also a passionate blogger , speaker in various industry forums , a successful
affiliate marketer and an entrepreneur in his personal capacity.
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Stay positive & aiming high … his life mantra
“ Always positive and aiming big” … he is a tech savvy professional and focusses on “
startups” business and provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions to enhance the
productivity and profitability of the business operation. He had successfully delivered the
implementation of a number of digital marketing global projects as consultant. Over a
period of time he has developed a good business insight and in-depth knowledge on today’s
sunrise business domains like retail. Education, Information technology and software .
Management by Objective
A self-made man and self-motivated individual , Amit Dadhich seems to have endless
energy ( both inside and outside the classroom) and ever enthusiast to learn something new
and these are the key elements behind his success story and makes him always a special as
an individual and professional consultant as well.

Himanshu Arora

Co-Founder, Social Panga | Google Regional Trainer, | Program Leader, IPL | Lead Trainer,
Digital Vidya in Bangalore , India.

A computer science engineer by background and equipped with a marketing degree ,
Himanshu , was always passionate about internet since the inception of his career and in
this process he picked up both the options as “ digital marketing trainer” and “ digital
marketing practitioner” as his preferred areas of choice in his career.
Today he is being acknowledged in the industry as seasoned digital marketing professional
with 14+ years of experience in the industry both as a leading digital consultant and as a
digital marketing trainer. 
In his capacity as a digital marketing practitioner, he was the co-founder of one of India’s
fastest growing digital agencies ( Social Panga) and has worked with biggest of brands like
RIL, Metro Cash & Carry, Volvo, Hyatt, Canon, LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, Tata Motors,
BIAL and more.
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And as a Digital Marketing Trainer, he worked with 50+ companies helping them design and

conduct innovative digital marketing workshops. Some of the brands he has worked with
includes Google, Facebook, Accenture, Fidelity, Bajaj Auto, Wipro, Reliance, Genpact, Sony,
Tata Motors, Canon, Aditya Birla, Kimberly Clarke and more.
Till date he has conducted 200+ trainings and has immense contribution for the
development of “digital marketing” as a trade and profession as well. A confident idea-tor ,
always tracking the industry closely and continuously enhance his web consulting and online
branding skills.
He had strategized, designed and implemented – digital and social marketing plans for some
of the leading personal and corporate brands thus enabling companies to build enduring
brands, optimize return on investment (ROI). He also has sound understanding of the users
interfacing with online content and apply his design techniques to create digital
Summing Up
Today India is one of the fastest growing economy in the world as per the report of
International Monetary Fund. 34.8 % India’s population is using the Internet, and about to
reach 55 % by 2025. Average age of an Internet user today in the country is around 24
years This leads us to a believe that the golden era of digital marketing in India is yet to
arrive. And the city of Bangalore with it’s talents and its tech savvy marketing culture would
contribute a lot in this digital endeavour of the nation and so are the “ Digital Marketing
Gurus “ who are working day and night to train the young talents . They are truly my
inspiration always……