Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Top Ten Digital Marketing Companies In Bangalore

Just like the invention of electricity, trade and commerce extravagantly flourished during the days of our ancestor. No one was new to sales and marketing and these two terms were an art in itself. Due to lack of resources, traditional marketing was the only marketing strategy that grew and evolved with time. From travelling across countries to going door to door, the evolution took place until flyers and print magazine was made a marketing tool. With the cost effectiveness of android phones and ease of internet, the entire world gets connected in seconds. Using this as the base foundation, digital marketing sprang up to make the buyers and sellers meet instantly.   

The digital marketing strategy is the only thing that the service and product sellers implement to make more sale conversion and lead generation. The Indians are using the platform of the internet to excel in their business. There are a million digital marketing companies that call themselves the best but you really need to know whom to approach to make a better profit for your business. These are a list of the top ten exotic digital marketing companies in the Silicon City – Bangalore.

Alive now

  • Website – 
  • Location – Alive is the client’s favourite digital marketing agency and ranks in the number one position of the top ten digital marketing companies of Bangalore. It is located at Indira Nagar.
  • Services – They have a team of experts dealing with digital marketing, virtual reality, developing mobile bots and other such software development services. All the aspects in digital marketing is covered by them.
  • Clients – The Future Group has chosen them to market for Big Bazaar and this digital marketing agency is doing a fabulous job. The other clients include Pepsi, SanDisk, Mercedes Benz and top rated clients.
  1. WATconsult
  • Website –
  • Location – The WAT consult team is based in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. It is located on Vittal Malya Road of the Silicon city and has bagged the second place in the top ten digital marketing companies of Bangalore. 
  • Services – The Company has won various awards in the fields of Digital Marketing and Gaming. They are a decade old in the business industry and have a thorough and hands-on knowledge in all the Digital Marketing fields and especially social media marketing. 
  • Clients – they have made a million customers smile with the kind of service they render. Some of their clients are Fiama, , Clinic Plus, Emami, Peter England and Only.

  1. Digi Cliff
  • Website –
  • Location – this award winning company is located in the Tippasandra road of Bangalore and is worth getting listed as one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore.
  • Services – The team is great with digital marketing and perfectly do a thorough research before bring a product or service to the right consumers. They are great with brand building, SEO and SMM optimization, Content creation and the other spheres of online marketing. Creativity is their key ingredient and they implement the best way and strategy for each client.
  • Clients – these innovative marketers have PUMA, HCL, Chumbak, Byju’s, Wipro and Manipal Hospitals in their client list and this list says it all.
  1. Digital Love
  • Location – Ranked in the fourth place in the list of the top ten digital marketing agencies across Bangalore, Digital Love is located in Kumarswamy layout of the city.
  • Services – The experts in the team spread their love towards digital marketing by training and creating digital marketers and making them experts. They create marketers in the field of SEO, SMM, PPC, and Web design and development.
  • Clients – Along with the certification program that they train candidates on, the company also digitally markets some of the products and services of the clients.
  1. Digi Scifi Technologies
  • Location – The company is located near Punjab National Bank, Hoodi – Bangalore. 
  • Services – The Digi Sci Fi has a team of innovative digital marketers who provide services like Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Brand Reputation, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, SEM and the other digital marketing services.
  • Clients – The happy customers on their list include Travogate, Raydian, Cogentarch, Smart Clinical Trials and more. 
  1. Ad Syndicate 360
  • Location – The Ad Syndicate is a digital marketing company located at Dickenson road of Bangalore. They are one of the most chosen digital marketing companies by the national as well as international clients.
  • Services – the team of experts in this company provide a huge list of services that include marketing automation, content marketing, web designing and development, media programing and buying, online reputation management, search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and more. 
  • Clients – If you have ever wondered and thought about the backbone of digital marketing for big shot companies like Mahindra, Hyundai, Quickr, Nissan, SBI and Union Bank, it is the Ad Syndicate 360 who has made these companies well-known in the market. If you are aiming at a big and better launch and exposure of your product, this is the right company you can approach.
  1. Webenza
  • Location – Based in Bangalore’s Kodihalli, the Webenza is known in the market and is chosen in the list of the top ten digital marketing agencies of Bangalore.
  • Services – The team starts of by laying a brand and marketing strategy to any project or service they get from their client. After this key is played, they carry out content creation, influencer outreach, reputation management and all the other aspects with respect to the field of digital marketing and make sure that the client’s project gets a bang-on exposure. 
  • Clients – This company is a reputed on and so are its clients. Wrangler, Texas Instruments, Narayana Health, Titan, Featherlite, Classic, Kurl-on and Cleasrtrip are some of the brands that use the service of Webenza. There is a huge list of companies that come into their list and client satisfaction is something that this company goes head over heels with.
  1. Geek Creative Agancy
  • Website –
  • Location – The company is run by ‘geeks’ of the digital marketing industry and they are more than a decade old in the market. The team is based in Cyber City of Haryana and Indiranagar of Bangalore and has been a part of the top ten listings of digital marketing agencies across Bangalore. 
  • Services – The company is an all-rounder in providing digital services. They are into branding – designing and creating logos, content and more, Video making – Scripting, animation making and more, Web Designing – Creating websites for mobile and PC interface, Social media and online engagement of the projects issued by the clients, and more.
  • Clients – They are a hat trick winner of the Big Bang Awards for three consecutive years. The expert service they have in house is used by Flipkart, Reliance trends, Mantri, Croma, On Mobile and Sobha Developers. The next time you see an ad campaign of these brands, be aware that this is a campaign run by the Geeks. 

  1. Web Chutney
  • Website –
  • Location – The Dentsu Webchutney is a digital marketing agency who has always bagged one of the top ten ranks in the ten best digital marketing company list of Bangalore. They are PAN India and have one of their offices in Richmond Road Bangalore. 
  • Services – The company is in the market since two decades and are expert service deliverers. They provide innovative business marketing ideas, Branding strategies, Website creation, App creation, and campaigning of the product and service of clients over the internet and social media. 
  • Clients – this is the first and oldest digital marketing company of all times and has provided amazing service in the digital marketing field to Maruti Suzuki, Pay Back, Nokia, Bacardi, Ladybird Cycles and more. 
  1. Digi Mark Agency
  • Website –
  • Location – This is another famous digital marketing company getting ranked over and over again as one of the top best digital marketing companies in Bangalore since years. They are based in Banashankri of Bangalore.
  • Services – They have a bucket of digital services. Few of them are Content creation and Link building, Website development service, Search optimization msaping and laying the foundation of Digital marketing strategies that differ from business to business and client to client. The other services include app development, mobile marketing and video making. 
  • Clients – Out of a hundred clients they have served, Tata Housing, CK Birla, Gray Matter, Chemistry, Attitude and Orient Cement use their services regularly.

These are the top most digital marketing agencies and companies ranked in Bangalore till date. If you are planning to hire a Digital Marketing service company to build your business, make sure that you have a thorough research done in checking out the companies as there are many in the market but only few are the best. You can either learn Digital Marketing yourself and implement it in building your business empire or hire an agency that understands your needs and works for you requirement. On this note, have a happy digital marketing experience!